JWA Classic

Just the cars we love

our story

JWA Classic was founded in 2009 by Joël Winter. The objective : setting up a high quality garage to restore classic cars, especially French classic cars. Along with the garage, he developed a classic cars trading activity.

Twelve years later, while some restorations are still operated in our garage located in Belmont de la Loire, JWA Classic now focuses on classic car trading, espectially French classic cars.

The picture would not be complete without mentioning that JWA Classic is also about family, as Joël’s three children are now coming on board and contributing to this great adventure.

what we do

JWA Classic now focuses on classic car trading.
We buy and sell, especially French classic cars as Delage, Talbot or Delahaye.

But it’s not only about buying and selling cars. We like to share our passion with other collectors and try to make every transaction a great encounter.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to sell or buy a classic car from the French school of bodywork.

our philosophy

” There is no such thing
as bringing back to life
that are more
than just automobiles.”

Where to find us

Nice place, right ?

Our workshop lays in Belmont-de-la-Loire, close to the Beaujolais countryside, just one hour and a quarter drive from the city of Lyon in France.

With a hilly scenery typical of French countryside, low traffic and well maintained road network, it is a great region for classic car touring.

Come and visit us, we’ll be happy to show you around !

Belmont de la Loire landscape


French classic car Talbot T23 history - Welcome Home Baby book

After discovering the extraordinary story of a 1939 Talbot-Lago prototype, Joël wrote a book about this car : “Welcome Home Baby”.

He tells the odyssey of this exceptional convertible from Paris in 1939 to its return to France in 2009, via the USA. With very moving memories from both sides of the Atlantic.

This book (bilingual French-English) is on sale to the benefit of the Brain Institute. In return for a donation of 50 € (or more) we will have the great pleasure to send you a copy of it free of postage.

About the founder

After a successful entrepreneur career in actuarial consultancy (JWA and Winter & Associés), Joël Winter decided to fully pursue his passion for Delage, Delahaye and Talbot-Lago.

He established JWA Classic in 2009 in Belmont-de-la-Loire and has been collecting, restoring and touring classic cars since then.