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You’ll find below a glimpse of JWA Classic’s vintage cars. At the very least, the specimens on display are those that you will be sure to see if you come to visit us.

Some have already been fully restored and we take great pleasure in touring them regularly. For those who are still under restoration work, we update regularly the information below through our blogs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to sell or buy a classic car from the French school of bodywork.

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Click on pictures below to find out more about each car.

Delahaye 235

1952 – Cabriolet Chapron

Rochet-Schneider 26-Six

1929 – Limousine Billeter et Cartier

Aston Martin Cadbury

1931 – International

Delahaye 135 MS

1947 – COUPé by chapron

Delahaye 135 M

1948 – Cabriolet Grand Luxe Chapron

Delahaye 135 MS

1951 – Coach by figoni

Other cars

Delage D8-120

1937 – Cabriolet CHAPRON

Talbot-Lago T23 Baby

1939 – Cabriolet Chapron

Charron-Girardot-Voigt (C.G.V.)

1904 – conduite avancée

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Below is a preview of classic cars that will shortly be presented on JWA Classic website. Contact us for more details.

Coming soon

Talbot-Lago T23

1938 – Coach

Coming soon

Talbot-Lago T26 L

1955 – T26 L C.I.

Coming soon

Chenard & Walcker


Coming soon

Alfa Romeo 1300-SS

1962 – Giulietta Sprint SPECIALE

Coming soon

CD Panhard

1962 – CD

Coming soon

Talbot-Lago T150C

1937 – t150c Roadster

Coming soon

Talbot-Lago T23

1939 – t23 Convertible

Coming soon

Delahaye 135MS

1947 – 135MS Roadster by chapron