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ModelT150C Lago Special
Estimated value
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End of presentation period 2022, March 17th
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Estimated opening price* €120,000*
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Talbot T150C Lago Special

90.010 – Roadster – 1937

Amongst all the models that the Talbot brand has produced since the arrival in 1934 of Anthony Lago, until the 50’s, the Talbot T150C is certainly the one that will hold the most attention.

Its 4-liter engine with hemispherical cylinder head will allow Talbot to take the first three places at the Grand Prix de France in 1937.

It is this superb engine that we find on the T150C that we find on the few examples that were reserved to a well-informed and passionate public.

The Talbot T150C “Lago Spécial” on a 2m95 chassis were mainly bodied as a coach, some were bodied as a 4-seater convertible but only two chassis were bodied as a 2-seater roadster.

The Talbot T150C 90.010 that we present here is one of them.

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The first owner was Mr. F., a French industrialist who was a sports car enthusiast, he owned several of them. So, he bought a second T150C some time after his roadster, but with a Coach body. The cars of Mr F. had a particularity: they were all red.
Mr. F. bought chassis 90.010 at the 1937 Paris Motor Show, when the model, already famous for its racing victories, was presented to the public.

The car has “the” cylinder head cover specially reserved for cars exhibited at the Paris Motor Show. In his book “From Passion to Perfection”, Richard Adatto clarifies this detail.

<Book photo> <Picture of the cylinder head cover>

The date of first registration that appears on the official documents of the car indicates November 16, 1937, which is consistent with the dates of the Salon de Paris : from October 7 to 17, 1937.

At the end of the 1940s, Mr. F. made a modification to the car. He decided to modify the front grill to give it a more contemporary look.

As said before, all the cars of Mr. F. were red.

In the 50’s one of Mr. F.’s sons borrowed a car from him, had an accident and lost his life. Very shocked by this event, Mr. F. decided to repaint all his cars in black.

It is thus a black car that his second owner at the end of the 60s, Mr. D., discovered at the industrialist’s. It had been stored for many years and was covered with dust. Mr. D. had to wait several more years before Mr. F. agreed to sell it to him, this was in 1977, forty years after having acquired it.

Mr D. put it back on the road, had it repainted in red and black, two symbolic colors of his previous life, and used it for concours d’élégance (where it was always very well classified) but finally drove it only a few hundred kilometers.

In 2018 the Talbot became part of the JWA Classic collection. In more than forty years, the car had only known two owners. It has kept its original leather upholstery, beautifully patinated, and runs regularly since then.

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Cylindrée3996 cm³
AlimentationTrois carbus Zenith-Stromberg
Puissance Max± 160 ch à 4100 trs/min
Boîte de VitessePréselective Wilson
Position MoteurLongitudinale avant
FreinageTambours à câbles
VoiesAV 1320 mm / AR 1320 mm
Empattement2950 mm
Dimensions L x l4300 x 1500
Poids± 1600 kg
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