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Model135MS Coupé Grand Luxe
Estimated value€280,000 – €320,000

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Delahaye 135 MS

N° 800.501 – Coupé by Chapron- 1947

Between 1935 and 1950, the Delahaye 135 chassis is certainly the one that most inspired the great European bodybuilders. From the wisest to the most exuberant, without forgetting the great classics, all tried their hand at this marvellous chassis with ideal proportions to give free rein to their creativity.

The car we present here is a “Grand Luxe” coupé with a sunroof, body by Henri Chapron, “matching number” and recently restored. She was presented at the “Salon de Paris” 1947.

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At the end of the 1940s, the European automobile industry had not yet been influenced by tendencies from across the Atlantic, which gives this model a more representative side of its time, warmer and certainly more timeless. Later, at the beginning of the 1950s, the flat windshield was abandoned for a two-piece windshield and the sunroof was fitted with a crank system.

1947 – Salon de Paris

This is a rare “Grand Luxe” model finish with its “seagull wings”, its “aviation” bumpers, its – almost – invisible door hinges and its sunroof that was chosen for the Delahaye 135MS 801501. The dashboard is in marquetry inlaid with nickel silver wire and the OS meters are, as usual, very complete. The chassis as well as the mechanics have been restored at the beginning of 2010.

Chassis 800501 was delivered by the Delahaye factory to Henri Chapron on August 20, 1947.

On the workshop sheet the mention “Salon de Paris” is written in the top left corner. A body of the type “Coupé 4 seats” had been chosen.

Her first owner, Maître Raymond Hubert will receive her on November 17, 1947. He probably bought the car at the Salon de Paris.

Salon de Paris – Nov. 1947

Maître Raymond Hubert, first owner

Raymond Hubert was a very famous lawyer at the time. Among other cases, he played a very prominent role in the famous court case “Affaire Seznec” by having Guillaume Seznec’s daughter acquitted of her husband’s murder.

The Delahaye chassis 135MS 800501 is one of the very first to have been bodied by Henri CHAPRON in a 4-seater Coupé after World War II.

Its line updates the fashion of the end of the 30s. Little audacity or extravagance in the Chapron style but a great confidence in the stroke of the pencil which makes it the exemplary master of the great French classicism.

Me HUBERT & Guillaume SEZNEC

1992 – The “Tour de France Automobile”

Raymond HUBERT will keep the car until the beginning of the 60s.
In the 90s, the owner of the time will participate in the Tour de France Automobile.
We see it here in Paris shortly before the start. It will finish the competition without any problem.

  • Brand : Delahaye
  • Type : 135 M
  • Coachbuilder : Henri Chapron
  • Chassis & Motor : 801.025
  • Year : 1948
  • Body : 6579

Delahaye 135MS Cabriolet Chapron – 1948 – Technical Data Sheet (in French)

  • Engine : 3’557 cm3, 6 cylinders straight : 84X107, Soupapes en tête par culbuteurs, Vilebrequin à quatre paliers, Graissage sous pression, Compression : 7,6 :1
  • Puissance : Puissance fiscale : 20CV, Puissance au frein : poussée à 140 CV
  • Alimentation : Trois carburateurs Solex inversés de 40
  • Allumage : Delco, Batterie 12 V 90 AH
  • Refroidissement : Par eau
  • Réservoir : Capacité : 100L
  • Transmission : Propulsion aux roues arrière, Embrayage monodisque à sec
  • Boîte de Vitesse : Électromagnétique Cotal à 4 rapports : Première : 0,321, Deuxième : 0,46, Troisième : 0,72, Quatrième : 1
  • Châssis : Châssis surbaissé (Châssis semi-élargi)
  • Suspension : Ressorts à lames et quatre amortisseurs hydrauliques Messier à double effet
  • Direction : À vis globique et secteur, Rayon de braquage : 6 m, Trois tours de volants d’une butée à l’autre
  • Roues, pneus : Type Rudge à rayons, pneus de 6/650X17

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