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For sale at Soft Auctions
Presentation: Sept 1st – Nov 2nd, 2021

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Delahaye 135 M

N°801.025 – Cabriolet Grand Luxe by Chapron – 1948

Between 1935 and 1950 the Delahaye 135 chassis is certainly the one that most inspired the great body builders in Europe.
From the wisest to the most exuberant, without forgetting the great classics, all tried their hand at this marvellous chassis with ideal proportions to give free rein to their creativity.

The car we present here is a “Grand Luxe” convertible, bodied by Henri Chapron n°801.025, “matching number” and very recently restored by JWA Classic.

Estimated value: €180,000 – €250,000
Expert report available on demand in September.

On sale at Soft Auctions.
Presentation phase : Sept 1st – Nov. 2nd, 2021

Offers received during the presentation period will be considered and may lead to the conclusion of the sale.
If not, the car will be sold in an online auction to be held on November 03-05.
For further information about the sale or to take an appointement to come and see the car, please contact us directly.

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From Paris to the Côte d’Azur

75, Champs Elysées Today

The first owner of the car was Mr. Leblanc, manager of the “Distilleries de Bretagne et Normandie réunies”. Mr. Leblanc was located at 5 rue Lincoln in Paris, just a few steps from the Avenue des Champs Elysées where the Parisian showcase of Delahaye was coincidently located, just around the corner from Rue Lincoln.

Documents from the Chapron archives show that choices of the model, options and personalized settings had been done meticulously.

We do not know how long Mr Leblanc kept the car, but we find her later in 1963 in the hands of Mr Michel Picard, architect living in Le Lavandou, in the South of France. Michel Picard sold it in 1966 for 150 Francs.
The car entered the JWA-Classic collection in 2009. It was a wreck that hadn’t been driven for decade

Cabriolet Grand Luxe

Chapron’s workshop sheet

The Delahaye 135 M 801.025 is one of the first post-war Delahaye, a time when the economic revival allowed some people to access with frenzy to expenses they had had to deprive themselves of for years.

The delivery of this upgraded “S” Cabriolet is described as “Very Urgent” on Henri Chapron’s body shop sheet. And indeed, barely two months after its entry as a chassis, the car was invoiced to its new and happy owner.

It is a beautiful convertible in the purest “Chapron” line, both classic and timeless. The bodywork benefits from several options that justify the term “improved” found in the bodybuilder’s files: luggage rack on rear trunk, “aviation” bumpers, “sport hood”, “chrome wheels”, …

The engine is of the “M” type with three carburetors.

  • Brand: Delahaye
  • Type: 135 M
  • Coachbuilder: Henri Chapron
  • Chassis & Motor: 801.025
  • Year: 1948
  • Body: 6579

Delahaye 135 MS Cabriolet by Chapron – 1948 – Technical Data Sheet (French)

Engine  : 3’557 cm3, 6 cylinders straight : 84X107, Soupapes en tête par culbuteurs, Vilebrequin à quatre paliers, Graissage sous pression, Compression : 7,6 :1
Puissance : Puissance fiscale : 20CV, Puissance au frein : poussée à 140 CV
Alimentation : Trois carburateurs Solex inversés de 40
Allumage : Delco, Batterie 12 V 90 AH
Refroidissement : Par eau
Réservoir : Capacité : 100L
Transmission : Propulsion aux roues arrière, Embrayage monodisque à sec
Boîte de Vitesse : Électromagnétique Cotal à 4 rapports : Première : 0,321, Deuxième : 0,46, Troisième : 0,72, Quatrième : 1
Châssis : Châssis surbaissé (Châssis semi-élargi)
Suspension : Ressorts à lames et quatre amortisseurs hydrauliques Messier à double effet
Direction : À vis globique et secteur, Rayon de braquage : 6 m, Trois tours de volants d’une butée à l’autre
Roues, pneus : Type Rudge à rayons, pneus de 6/650X17


The car arrived in 2009 in the JWA Classic collection. It was in a completely dilapidated state.
But it was an authentic “Grand Luxe Cabriolet” signed by Chapron and matching number.

You’ll find below some of the pictures we took during the restoration work done by JWA Classic.
Before restorationRestoration

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Before restoration

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Oups…no video of this car yet. We’re working on it !
Meanwhile, you can check our video page for videos on other cars from JWA Classic collection.

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