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Model135MS Coach
CoachbuilderFigoni & Falaschi
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Delahaye 135 MS

N°801.736 – Coach by Figoni & Falaschi – 1951

Between 1935 and 1950, the Delahaye 135 chassis is certainly the one that most inspired the great European bodybuilders.
From the wisest to the most exuberant, without forgetting the great classics, all tried their hand at this marvellous chassis with ideal proportions to give free rein to their creativity.

The 801.736 chassis is one of the very last to be produced by Delahaye.
It is a prototype of the Delahaye 235 bodied by Figoni and Falaschi. The body is a coach with a sunroof, offering many innovations for the time, including electric windows.

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  • Brand : DELAHAYE
  • Type : 135 MS
  • Coachbuilder : Figoni & Falaschi
  • Figoni Number : 1156
  • Chassis & Motor : 801.736
  • Year : 1952

Delahaye 135 MS Coach by Figoni & Falaschi – technical sheet (in french)

Moteur : 3’557 cm3, 6 cylindres en ligne, alésage : 84X107
Soupapes en tête par culbuteurs
Vilebrequin à quatre paliers
Graissage sous pression.
Compression : 7,6 :1

Puissance :
Puissance fiscale : 20CV
Puissance au frein : poussée à 140 CV

Alimentation :
Trois carburateurs Solex inversés de 40

Allumage :
Batterie 12 V 90 AH

Refroidissement : par eau

Réservoir : Capacité : 100L

Transmission :
Propulsion aux roues arrière
Embrayage monodisque à sec

Boîte de Vitesse :
Électromagnétique Cotal à 4 rapports :
Première : 0,321
Deuxième : 0,46
Troisième : 0,72
Quatrième : 1

Châssis : Châssis surbaissé.

Suspension : Ressorts à lames et quatre amortisseurs hydrauliques Messier à double effet

Direction : À vis globique et secteur

Rayon de braquage : 6 m
Trois tours de volants d’une butée à l’autre

Roues, pneus : Type Rudge à rayons, pneus de 6/650X17 flanc blanc

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The chassis 801736 probably entered the Figoni & Falaschi workshops in January 1951.
The car was registered 5086 Y 85 on April 6, 1951 in the name of the company Figoni & Falaschi until July 3 of the same year. It then passes to the name of Joseph Figoni.
We have found a written testimony that indicates that it was presented at the 1951 Paris Salon.
On November 15, 1951 it kept its registration number but became the property of the company Figoni & Cie.
Finally, it found a new owner on May 22, 1953 and took the registration number 527 AE 89.
Unfortunately, the registers do not indicate how long this registration was kept nor who was its subsequent owner.
We meet the car again in Belgium in the garage of a famous Delahaye collector, but we only know the day he disposed of it: November 11, 1982. How long did he own it? It is impossible to say.
But we know that he sold it to a Dutch collector. This one will keep it until 1998.
The car returned to France in the early 2000s and entered the JWA Classic collection in 2010.
Overall, the history is clear for its first and last owners but there are gaps between the two.
We continue our research.

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