Soft Auctions

Soft Auctions in a nutshell

The cars are being sold one by one. Each one is being put up for a reverse auction (with no reserve price) and comes with a time frame that allows the potential buyer to take the time for a thoughtful purchase.

The auction system facilitates the establishment of an objectively debated price, the time frame allows for optimized information gathering and contact with the owner is favored.

In summary, Soft Auctions were designed to prioritize the search for a fair price, prevent buyers from regrets of impulsive purchases, all while prioritizing a friendly atmosphere between buyer and seller.

About the sale process

Three phases follow in the sales process: the presentation period, the pre-auction period and the auction period.

1. The presentation period

The goal is to give the buyer time to come see the car, meet the primary owner, and possibly make a deal immediately. This is a period during which a private sale is possible.

See cars currently in presentation period

2. The pre-auction period

During the pre-auction period, we begin to talk about money, but in the right direction: these are reverse auctions. That is, from an initial amount desired by the seller (displayed on the website, a decrease in price is engaged until a buyer is found. A “buyer” is someone who declares themselves interested in a given price, in this case, the price displayed at that moment. The first buyer triggers the next phase.

The pre-auction period can last several weeks, but it must end with online auctions open to all previously registered people.

See cars currently in pre-auction period (it is still time to register to participate)

3. The auction period

This is the classic auction which begins, online, in the week following the declaration of the buyer and at the price at which they declared themselves. They last between 4 and 6 days. The car is sold to the highest bidder.

Currently no cars in auction period

Good to know !

How to participate

The Soft Auctions are private auctions: so you must be registered BEFORE they begin.
If we don’t know each other, if we have no common acquaintances, it is best to register as soon as possible to get to know each other.

You can register here, it is very simple.

Advantage to the first "taker"

The first “taker” (the one who triggers the auction) benefits from a 5% discount if they win the sale, meaning if they make the highest bid. The 5% applies to that final amount.

Buyer's fees

Soft Auctions have no fees for the buyer, except for a 1% amount, matched by JWA Classic, donated to medical research.

Reserve price

Soft Auctions do not have a reserve price.

A question?

Just send an email to Anne-Cécile (, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions