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…get all the information about the car
…talk with the owner – yes, it’s possible!
…find the best way to close a deal
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Time left before closing of the preview period on July 13, 2021





1931 – Aston Martin 1.5L International

Chassis KO 84 – Open tourer

On preview from May 7, 2021

The Aston Martin 1.5 L International Chassis KO84, driven by its owner at the time, John Cadbury, notably took part in the Alpine Trial that took place in the Italian Alps in 1932.


Rochet-Schneider 26-Six


Coachwork by Billeter & Cartier

1948 – delahaye 135M

Cabriolet by Chapron

1947 – delahaye 135ms

Coupé by Chapron

1951 – delahaye 235m

Cabriolet by Chapron

1951 – delahaye 135ms

Coach by Figoni


Updates on JWA Classic news, soft auctions and recent posts published, twice a month.

Why jwa soft auctions?

Soft Auctions were designed to give time to get informed, to get to know each other and to make balanced deals.

Try them, there is no risk: you will have answers to all your questions and if you decide to make an offer, the only risk you will take is that we say “YES!”.

Time to get to know better the car, talk with the owner, examine and even test drive it.

Our soft auctions let room to come to an agreement before even opening the bids.

With whom we would have the pleasure to keep in touch afterwards.

The final amount is the purchase price of the vehicle.
That’s all there is to it.

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how does it work?

Each sale will take place in two phases:
– a six weeks preview period to present the car and during which you can come to an agreement with the owner to buy the car
– a second phase for online auctions if the car has not been sold previously.

Preview period:
Presentation & discussion

Six weeks presentation period to let enough time ‌to present the vehicle from every angle.
The car can be sold at any moment during this phase of discussion.

direct contact with the owner

Discuss directly with the owner of the vehicle. You can also come to see the car and even test drive it.

detailed documentatioN AVAILABLE

Documents, pictures, videos and even live videos if required will be made available to you once registered.

you like the car?
make an offer

If your offer is accepted, the car is yours, at your price.
There will be no auction in that case.

no risk in presenting an offer

If you offer is not accepted but is the highest received, you will be granted a 5% discount on hammer price, should you win the auction in phase 2.

Phase 2:
Online auction

If the car has not been sold in the previous period, online auction will take place via JWA Classic website.

opening bid based on offers received

The best proposal received during the first period will be used to define the opening bid.

No buyer’s premium
no administration’s FEE

Indeed, why would we charge the buyer for winning the auction ?
That would not be “fair”.

online auction process to CLOSE the sale

Online auctions will be opened during a few days, following the presentation phase.

A reward for the best offerer from phase 1

A 5% discount on hammer price will be granted to the winner of the auction if he/she is also the one who had made the highest offer during the previous phase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out information about a vehicle

When can I get information about the vehicle?
We can answer you at any time for each car displayed on our site.

Is it possible to see the car and test it?
Yes, at least for the duration of the preview period. The car will be ready for presentation from the date indicated on the picture.

Is it possible to get specific pictures of some details of the car?
Yes, for pictures and videos, we will do our best according to your request.

Making an offer

When can I make an offer?
At any moment until the end of the preview period.

What are the requirements to place an offer?
All you have to do is complete the registration form. To receive the form and all details for the sale, please contact us directly at

How to formulate an offer?
By email at or by phone at +33 7 67 00 29 15. A deposit of €500 is needed to validate the offer. We will return this deposit to you at the end of the sale.

Is the €500 deposit mandatory?
Only if we do not know each other yet. There is no deposit if we know each other or if you are sponsored by someone we know.

Do I have the right to make several offers?
Yes as long as there is a sufficient difference with the previous offer.

How can I follow current offers?
The best offer is displayed on our website. If you have placed an offer, we’ll keep you informed every time a new offer is confirmed.

When does the preview phase end?
It ends, at the latest, on a Tuesday at 8 p.m., approximately 6 weeks after the start date.

Can the sale finish before the online auction?
Yes, if the owner accepts an offer before the end of the preview period. If not, the car will be auctioned.

Register for online auction

How to register?
All details to register for the online auction will be published on our website and sent to offerers at least one week before the opening of the online auction.

Auction process

When does the auction start?
At 09:00 (UTC + 1) on the Thursday following the Tuesday of the closing of the presentation phase.

When does the auction end?
On the evening of the third day, Saturday at 21:00 (UTC + 1).

When do we know the amount of the opening bid?
The next day at 14:00 (UTC + 1) of the closing day of the preview period.

How is the opening bid set up?
The opening bid will be set according to the best offer received during the preview period plus 5% and 1€.
Example: Best offer = €100,000 Opening bid = ((€100,000 x 1.05) +1€) = €105,001

Is the closing time extended if a bid is submitted at the last minute?
Yes, if a bid is placed in the last two minutes, the closing time is delayed by two minutes.

What happens if there is no auction?
The car is sold to the person who made the best offer. The final price is the amount of his offer. In the example above, it would be €100,000.

Participate in auctions

What are the requirements for participating in the auction?
None if you are already registered, otherwise the same as for the preview period.

How to follow the auctions?
For all registered persons, the bids are displayed in real time on the page of the auctioned car.

How do I send an auction and know that it has been registered?
You can enter a bid from the sale screen once you have logged in. As soon as the bid is validated, it appears in the bid tracking table.

What is the total price paid by the highest bidder?
There are no fees. The price paid by the highest bidder corresponds exactly to the amount of his bid.
Special case: if the highest bidder is also the one who had made the highest offer during the presentation phase, a 5% discount will be granted on hammer price.

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