Soft auctions? Take your time!

Take the time to…

…get all the information about the car

…talk with the owner – yes, it’s possible!

…find the best way to close a deal

…click down here!

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Discover the next five cars from JWA Classic collection on sale at Soft Auction.

Why Soft Auctions? To find the right price!

Buying or selling at the right price is a question that every classic car collector is faced with at some point.
What is the right price? It is the price that, at the time of the transaction and beyond, satisfies the buyer and the seller equally.

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Soft Auctions : a sale in 3 steps

1. registrations and visits

Opening of registrations and visits at our workshop

2. set up of a starting price

Communication of the starting price which will be adjusted downwards regularly (every 10 – 15 days) until one of the participants agrees to the price reached

3. online private auction

As soon as there is a taker at the last level reached (or above), 3-days online auction will start.

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Good to know : 5% discount for the first offerer

The first participant who formalises an offer at the displayed price (or above) triggers the online auction and will get 5% discount on the final price if he wins the online auction.

See how to make an offer

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No auction fees, only 1% to support medical research

There are no auction fees for the buyer.

A participation of 1% of the final amount is requested for the benefit of medical research. JWA Classic will match this amount to double the donation. In 2022, we have chosen to support the Paris Brain Institute.

How to participate?

Soft Auctions are private sales : you need to register to participate.

To register, just click below, it is very simple.

How are online auctions triggered?

Online auctions are triggered when the best offer received matches (or is above) the displayed price.

A question?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Just send an email to Anne-Cécile :

Next Soft Auctions

Discover the next five cars from JWA Classic collection on sale at Soft Auction.

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